Back to Europe again

At the beginning of May we joined Royal Caribbean’s Jewel of the Seas for the transatlantic crossing from Miami to Harwich, England. This is our 2nd time on the Jewel and it was so nice coming back to a warm welcome and so many familiar faces. Most of the technicians in the theater have worked with us before so our show install was one of the easiest we’ve ever had, but we’re also excited to be performing several new illusions this year that they hadn’t seen before. So far this year, Kyle and I have performed 8 different versions of our show, each with a different order and combination of illusions chosen specifically for the demographic of our audience. We’re really proud of the work that we’ve done over the last year to add new material to the show, and be versatile enough that we can provide the best show possible for any type of audience, in any venue.

After a great opening night with standing ovations, we visited a few ports in the Normandy region of France. From Cherbourg, France we took a tour the historic WWII sites of Omaha Beach and the American Cemetery in Normandy. It was very surreal for us to stand in the same place where so many American soldiers died, but I’m glad we had the opportunity to see it in person and remember the they did for us.

This is our 4th summer in Europe, and this time we’re back touring the Baltics and Scandinavia now. Over the next few months we’ll be visiting England, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Estonia and Russia. We really like this region of Europe, especially the medieval city of Tallinn, Estonia, walking through the old town there is like stepping back in time. I’m having a great time taking photos of all of our travels, and I update our Facebook page frequently with new ones. Below is a photo I took of the sunset around 10 PM after sailing from Stockholm. They call it the land of the midnight sun, and it’s just gorgeous. – Mistie

Touring South America, Scandinavia & Russia in 2012

From January thru March 2012, Kyle Knight and Mistie performed a bilingual version of the show with Mistie providing Spanish translation, that was perfect for an international demographic. They had the opportunity to visit several new countries, including Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Ecuador, Peru and Colombia.

This summer Kyle Knight and Mistie will be headlining in the Coral Theater onboard the Jewel of the Seas, performing for almost 70,000 people during the coming months.  Throughout the summer they will be visiting several new countries, including England, Ireland, Scotland, Russia, Estonia, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland & Canada!