Exploring the city of Berlin

In mid August we decided to spend a few days in the city of Berlin and we were surprised by how beautiful the city really is. We first visited the historical site of Checkpoint Charlie, the entrance to former East Berlin and nearby was one of the longest remaining stretches of the Berlin Wall. Seeing the wall and thinking of the history that it holds was a bit surreal.

Kyle and I love museums, so we couldn’t pass up the chance to visit some of the world class museums in Berlin. We visited the Pergamon, which holds the Pergamon Altar and the incredible Ishtar Gate, the entrance gate to the temple in Babylon. We also visited the Neus Musuem and saw the 3000 year old priceless “Bust of Nefertiti”. Another highlight for us was the Natural History Museum, which has the original Archeopteryx fossil as well as the largest mounted dinosaur skeleton in the world. We also had a lot of fun visiting the zoo in Berlin, which is one of the largest in the world.

We always love to check out the magic scene in new cities that we visit, and we had a great time meeting some of the local magicians in Berlin at Close Up Club. This close up magic show has been running in Berlin for 7 years, and the night we were there it featured three different local magicians. The show was spoken entirely in German, so it was a great experience for us to be in the audience and get an understanding of what it is like for our audiences that may not speak English. Despite the language barrier, we really enjoyed the show, and we were surprised by how easy it was to follow based off of the facial expressions and body language of the performers, and their interaction with the audience. I’ve attached a photos of all of us at the Close Up Club below.

This past month Kyle and I also did a fun interview for an upcoming profile in Magic Magazine, the most popular magazine dedicated to the magic industry. Keep an eye out for our feature in the October 2012 issue! – Mistie

Appearing at INNOVENTION 2012

Kyle Knight & Mistie will be appearing at the 2012 INNOVENTION at the Gold Coast Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Catch their lecture and their performance in the closing gala show at INNOVENTION from September 30th – October 3rd.