Behind the Scenes of “Wizard Wars”

For this month’s blog I thought we’d give everyone a behind the scenes look at our experience creating and performing magic on SyFy’s Wizard Wars! For starters, the pressure of the show was very real, and the stress of creating magic under such limited parameters and time constraints was one of the most difficult experiences of our career. We only had a matter of days to create, build and test our routines before performing them for judges and for millions of viewers. At times it felt like complete insanity, and needless to say it was a lot of work with very little sleep!


Each team creates routines for both the challenger and the wizard round, with the assumption you will go forward and compete against the in-house wizards. We actually went through several different ideas for the routines that we wanted to perform, but one thing that was important to us no matter what our routine, was that it flowed and that each routine had a beginning, middle and end, and most importantly, that we try to combine all of the items in creating the magic. Kyle is quite the carpenter, and having built many of our illusions in the past, he was able to build props for this round while I focused on writing the script and streamlining the routine.



2nd call to the medic


Making the toaster work the way we needed it to was a never-ending project and



 In the photo below we’re shooting our “side stage” magic performances featured in our intros on the show. We actually filmed two different effects including the rose production an our ring escape illusion, which didn’t air. You can see us below getting a make up touch-up between takes.




After we found out that we won the first round and were advancing on to the final round, we only had 10 minutes before we were to be onstage performing our 2nd routine, and in that time we had to change microphones, set up the props and change costumes. They have a curtain across the stage that is lowered once filming is ready to begin, and behind that curtain just minutes before the photo below was taken, it was total chaos for us. I was half-naked onstage trying frantically to get into my costume and the production assistant is telling me we have to film NOW! At that same moment, Kyle realized that someone had though they were helping us by filling our egg carton with eggs. Needless to say this was not helpful and Kyle was throwing raw eggs offstage and they were smashing all over the place! It was crazy, but once we hit the stage our head was back in the game and we nailed it!

Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 1.57.29 AM

Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 2.01.43 AM