Spellbinders Magic Festival & Studio City Macau

The fall & winter have been a very busy for us! Back in October we were happy to be a part of Spellbinders Magic Festival in Reno, Nevada and we performed in the gala closing show at The Pioneer Center for Performing Arts!


Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts in Reno, Nevada


With the cast of the Spellbinders Gala show

Just two days after performing in Reno, we flew across the globe to Macau, China, where we are performing in an extended run at Studio City Entertainment Resort & Hotel at The House of Magic! Our first week in Macau was spent rehearsing and installing the show, and since then we’ve been performing multiple shows a day 6 days a week as a part of the multi-theater magical experience. It’s quite a different experience for us, as our audiences are mostly Chinese speaking and we have little to no talking in the show, but we have been pleasantly surprised by how responsive the audiences have been for us. It’s also a change for us since we aren’t performing big illusions, instead it’s more intimate magic in a 150-seat cabaret theater. In addition to a performance by us in The Lair theater, guests also have the chance to see performances by host Travis Winkler, as well as cabaret shows by either Luis de Matos or Danny Cole, followed by a final Mega Magic show by Franz Harary himself.


December 2nd, 2015 was the official grand opening of The House of Magic, and the audience was full of press, media, and other local performers. The event featured a pre-show cocktail reception, full show experience as well, and ended with a special award presentation for The House of Magic’s creator, Franz Harary.


After the grand opening The House of Magic received lots of press coverage and the entire cast of illusionists were featured on the cover of Hong Kong Magazine in November, following by multiple articles in other local publications. We were also interviewed by Time Out Hong Kong and even taught a them a magic trick – to read the article, click HERE!

HK Mag 1

If you’re in the Hong Kong/Macau area, be sure to catch our show at The House of Magic through February 2016!


In other fun news, we’ve had lots of audience members here in Macau recognize us from our TV appearances on Wizard Wars & Fool Us, because both shows have recently aired over in Asia! Thanks for keeping up with us – xo Mistie