Kyle & Mistie at Wonderground Las Vegas

Kyle & Mistie Knight will be perorming at Vegas’ monthly magic & variety showcase, Jeff McBride’s Wonderground on October 20th! They will be performing some magic in both the Early Stage show at 8:00 pm and the Late Stage show at 10 pm. Many other performers will also be featured in the various shows throughout the evening, including a close-up show starting at 9 pm. Doors will open at 7:30pm at The Olive, located at 3850 East Sunset Rd., Las Vegas, NV. There is a $10 admission at the door. For more info visit

Kyle Mistie Wonderground

Kyle & Mistie recognized for their Community Service

Kyle & Mistie Knight were recently recognized for their community service efforts in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas! As regular volunteers for Win-Win Entertainment, an organization that pairs entertainers with local charities, hospitals and non-profit groups, they have been able to share their talents and give back to the community, and were honored to receive awards in this year’s banquet.


Magic Live, Headlining in Vegas & the Disney Wonder

Hi everyone, Mistie here to give you a recap of the busy past few months we’ve had! To start things off, here is a quick magic video we shot while at the Dawes Glacier in Alaska:

In August we attended one of the largest magic conventions in the world, Magic Live, which is held in Las Vegas biannually. Over 1500 magicians from all over the world attended, and it was a blast catching up with so many friends.

performing at Amazing Jonathan's party

The night before the convention, we even performed a little bit of magic at Amazing Johnathan’s and his wife Anastasia’s huge welcome party for all the magicians coming into town.

Magic Live

The highlight of Magic Live, however, was when I beat out a few hundred magicians and won the Magic Magazine trivia game! Questions ranged from magic history to questions about articles and covers featured in the magazine over the years, and with my win I received a free subscription to the new magazine, Magic Legacy!

Winner of The Game!Photo by Sebastian Konopix

Between our last few weeks in Alaska performing on the Disney Wonder, we were flying back to Vegas frequently and had the opportunity to volunteer for Win-Win Entertainment again, this time as magic teachers at the Lotsa Fun Summer Camp youth program. We each taught the campers some magic and they were able to perform what they learned in the final show on the last day of camp.

Magic Camp

It was also a nice surprise that we both were awarded by Win-Win for our service to the Las Vegas area and surrounding community. Thanks Win-Win for the opportunity to give back!

Win Win Awards


On August 28th we headlined at The Orleans Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas in a special variety show called “Night of Wonders.” We performed some of our signature illusions in the Orleans showroom, and had a great time sharing the stage with the other performers.

The Orleans Hotel Marquee Kyle & Mistie Knight

The Marquee outside of The Orleans Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas

Kyle & Mistie Backstage at The Orleans in Las Vegas

In the green room before going onstage at The Orleans Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas

After a week at home in Las Vegas, we flew to Cartagena, Colombia and stayed overnight before joining the Disney Wonder for our final cruise of the summer. We had the chance to check out the city and visit the wildlife sanctuary at the port before leaving South America. Check out the video below for highlights from our day!

Back onboard the Disney Wonder, we performed our headline show in the Walt Disney Theatre, in in Wavebands lounge we performed our kids show/magic workshop which is always a blast. This time the audience was so much fun we even took a selfie from the stage.

Since this was our last week onboard for a while, we had to tear down and pack up the entire illusion show. This time it took us 2 1/2 hours (which isn’t that bad), here’s a time lapse video showing the whole process in only 38 seconds!


The final night of the cruise we performed our nightclub show for the adults and we were officially the last entertainers to ever perform onstage in Wavebands. There have been thousands of shows featuring hundreds of entertainers, and now that the Wonder is headed into drydock, Wavebands will be reinvented as a new lounge. We were honored to be the final performers there and our final show was fantastic we all said goodbye to Wavebands with a bang!


Now that we’re back in Vegas, we’ve got a few weeks at home to prepare for our next show, which will be in Missouri next month. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates. Thanks for catching up with us! – Mistie