Touring Northern Europe with Disney Cruises & Royal Caribbean!

We have had an amazing summer so far, performing our illusion show on the Disney Magic and our fly-on show on Royal Caribbean International! The travel schedule has definitely been hectic, and has us on a plane every 5 or 6 days and we’ve even lost our bags a couple of times, but the shows are going great and destinations are incredible. So far this summer via the cruises we’ve visited Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Russia, Denmark, England, Iceland, Scotland. In addition to those ports, we also took a week-long break in Amsterdam in between our shows. During our travels we also had the chance to catch up with several magician friends of ours: Sabine Van Diemen and Fritz Alkemade in Amsterdam (he produces the Amsterdam Magic Show – check it out if you’re in the area!), Caroline Ravn in Stockholm and on the Disney Magic we had the pleasure of working with comedy mentalist Chris Cox

Below are some photos of just a few of our adventures in Northern Europe so far:

Hiking in Gierianger, Norway

Mountaintop farm in Geiranger, Norway

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Playing tourist in the Netherlands

Russian Mickey on the Disney Magic!

Waterfalls in Iceland

Castles in Scotland

Looking for Nessie at Loch Ness in Scotland!

We’re only halfway done with this summer tour and we’ve still got two more months in the Mediterranean performing on Disney Cruise Line, Celebrity Cruises & Royal Caribbean International to go Stay tuned for more adventures in Europe! – Mistie