Secrets of Magic DVD or USB DRIVE


On this video Kyle & Mistie personally teach you over 40 different magic tricks, mind puzzles and bets you can’t lose – that’s over 2 hours of material – all taught in great detail on full HD video. This video is great for all ages, and is simple enough for a child to learn but impressive enough to fool adults, and everything on the video can be performed with household objects.  In addition to teaching magic, also included on this video are video highlights from Kyle & Mistie’s stage shows & TV performances, photo galleries, behind the scenes extras and outtakes.

For DVD/USB orders outside of the USA, please contact us directly via email to confirm shipping rates.

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Secrets of Magic Digital Download


You also have the option of purchasing our Secrets of Magic video in digital format as a direct download. All 45 tricks as well as special features and video highlights from our stage show are included on an MP4 file, which can be viewed on any digital media player! (Note: The video file must be initially downloaded onto a computer, rather than a mobile device.)

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